Three categories of actors are involved here. It's: supervising bodies, public actors, public and parastatal institutions and private actors.

With regard to the first category, CSPH is under the financial supervision of the Ministry of Finances (Minfi) and under the technical supervision of the Ministry in charge of prices (Mincommerce).

In the second category of stakeholders, we can mention public actors such as:  Ministry of energy and water, Ministry of transport (Mintrans) and Ministry of environment and protection of Nature (Minep). Public and parastatal institutions are also involved in the functioning of this sector on the basis of economic objectives set by the State. It's the case of the Cameroon National Hydrocarbons Company (Snh), the National Refining Company (Sonara), the Cameroon Oil Depot Company (SCDP), the Autonomous Port of Douala (Pad) and the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH).

Finally, with regard to private partners who are the third category of stakeholders, they can be classified into five groups :

Companies providing the supply of all petroleum products (Total, Oilibya, MRS Corlay, Tradex);

Companies in charge  of exclusive distribution of liquid  petroleum  products  (First Oil, Camoco, Petrolex, Algo, Delta Petroleum, Socaepe, Bocom, Blessing Petroleum) ;

Companies in charge of exclusive distribution of LPG (Sctm, Camgaz, Aza Afrigaz, Kosan Crisplant) ;

Companies in charge of transportation  (Camship, Camrail and road hauliers) ;

Companies in charge of control of quality and quantity (Hydrac, Sgs and polytechnic Industrial Services Ingineering). 

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