The CSPH women joined their peers Nation wide and the world at large to commemorate the 30th edition of the International Women’s Day, 8th March  2015.

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This year’s theme states that “ The implementation of the Beijing Platform in Cameroon; Balancesheet and perspectives”.    
 Before the D-day, series of activities were organised by the CSPH women notably, the Organising committee organised series of meetings to mobilise the women, they also made medical examinations and activities in conformity with the official dates of all activities guided by the Minister of women’s empowerment and the Family e g, the general sports walk at the 20th May Boulevard, a humanitarian gesture through the handing of gifts to the BETHANIE VIACAM/YAOUNDE Centre for the elderly by the CSPH women; an educative talk was equally organised at the CSPH Head office multipurpose Hall on the theme: “ Women and armes conflicts, and other subthemes relating to women’s rights/family” which was animated by competent selected experts.

On the D-day the CSPH women were colourfully and elegantly dressed in their favourite colour of this year’s fabrique to take part in the march past exercise at the 20th May Boulevard, officiated by the Minister of women’s empowerment and the Family, Proffessor Marie Thérèse ABENA ONDOA who personally represented the First Lady, Mrs. Chantal BIYA. After which the day was crowned with a festive ceremony at the CSPH Head office Multi-purpose Hall.

The Head of the Organising Committee Madam AKOUMA Béatrice Epouse EVOU MEKOU in her speech thanked the  management for their relentless efforts in supporting women most especially the financial means put in place in view of a better organisation of this ceremony. She thanked the Organising Team and All the CSPH women for taking part in all the activities concerning this year’s event.   
 On the part of the General Manager, Mr. Elung Paul CHE  he started by thanking all the CSPH women for givng him honour and to the entire CSPH company through their brilliant participation in the mrch past on the 20th may Boulevard with their impeccable dressing. He said society is made up of men and women  of which we are bound to work hand in hand in order for it to be a better place to live. He urged men  to consider all women  as their mothers, sisters and wives like this there will be no discrimination or marginalisation in any form.

The hall was highly animated by some guess artistes invited along side some personnel who expressed their talents by staging some sound tracts.

Merry makings crowned the occasion..

Lawrence Abolle M.

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