Presentation of new year wishes 2015 at csph

The 2015 presentation of new year wishes to the General Manager and the Deputy General Manager of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH) took place in the colourful  multi-purpose hall of the Head Office of this Institution on friday, 30th January 2015.


Few minutes after the installation of the entire personnel both from the Douala Antenna and those of the Yaounde Head Office, the ceremony started upon the arrival of the General Manager, Mr. Elung Paul CHE.

The master of ceremony for the day Mr. ABANDA METOGO Charles, ranking as Chef de Bureau in the Communication Unit,  started by making public the program for the day’s ceremony.  

Next to take the floor was Mr. POUEME Emmanuel, Chargé de Mission N°1 who addressed the new year speach to the GM and his Deputy on behalf of the staff,  during which he gave a balance sheet of the previous year’s activities,  not leaving out the upgrade of the Douala Antenna into a Department, the absolute reinforcement of the Control and Internal Audit Department just to name a few.  He also thanked the General Manager for some advantages recently granted to the personnel since he took command. He concluded by begging God Almighty to grant good health, long lives and prosperity to the General Manager, the Deputy General Manager and their respective families and above all wisdom to manage well this Institution. 

The hall was graced  by the Ekan folklore traditional dance group that thrilled the personnel.

This was followed by the speach presented by the General Manager during which he started by extending to each and every one his heartfelt wishes of happiness, good health and success. He went ahead to explained fluctuation of price changes of crude oil in the world market from the period between 2007 to present date along side its consequences, while giving various reasons causing these fluctuations. Concerning management, he said the previous year 2014 went by with a positive results, this was greatly appreciated by the Board of Directors and all of this is thanks to  the implication and contribution of the entire personnel. He ceised the opportunity to thank the personnel for having accepted with him the changes he adopted at CSPH upon takover as the General Manager of this Institution. Saying these changes are not only related to the requirements of rigour, they also involve discipline, professional conduct and ethics compliance by all workers and management team of CSPH.

He said the action plan for 2015 as presented to the Board of Directors has as first objective, the improvement of performance within the Institution and the second is based on the improvement of the personnel well-being. He concluded by saying that the personnel should not forget the Head of State instructions that invites them to rationalize management of state funds.
It should be noted that this is the second time the General Manager is receiving the traditional new year wishes from his personnel since his installation as the new GM of this Institution last May 3rd 2013.

Then came time for hand shaking to the GM and Deputy GM, an excercise during which each Depatrment was lead by it’s Head accompanied by snapshots.    Merry makings crowned the occasion.

Lawrence Abolle M.

The 2015 presentation of new year wishes to the General Manager and the Deputy General Manager of CSPH...

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