The Board of Directors, convened by its President, meets at least twice a year in ordinary session: a budget session   and a session to examine the corporation’s annual financial statements and its functioning. It may also be convened in extraordinary session. The Board of Directors role is to define and provide general policy in accordance with the overall objectives of the sector, and the assessment of the corporation Management. In General, the Board performs all actions necessary for the accomplishment of the corporation   social purpose.

MANAGEMENT : CSPH is headed by a Director General (DG) and assisted by a Deputy Director General (DGA), all appointed by Presidential Decree. The Director General role is to implement the general policy of the corporation, under the authority and supervision of the Board of Directors to which he is accountable.

As prerogatives, he is responsible for preparing  the budget, the annual financial statements and the activities reports of the Corporation;  managing movable and immovable properties of the Corporation. The Director General is the authorizing officer of the budget and represents the Corporation in all civil acts and in court.e.

Technical Advisors (TA1 and TA2) : they are responsible for monitoring institutional and structural reforms and all missions entrusted to them by Management. The TA1 is responsible for Cooperation and the TA2 is responsible for research and planning.

Le Chargé d’Etudes (CE) : lhe performs all researches or missions entrusted to him by Management.

Department of General Affairs (DAC) : under the coordination of a Head of Department, this Department is responsible for implementing human resources management policies and the Corporation equipment.

Department of Accounting and Financial Affairs (DFC) : under the coordination of a Head of Department, this Department implements the budget policy of the Corporation.

Department of Technical Affairs (DAT) : under the coordination of a Head of Department, this Department is responsible for implementing  the policy of regulation of petroleum products domestic prices; managing mechanisms of stabilization and equalization of petroleum products domestic prices.

Department of Economic Affairs (DAE) : Headed by a Head of Department, this Department follows-up the market trends of petroleum products nationwide and worldwide; monitors the supply of domestic market with petroleum products: monitors physical stocks, stocks along the way and regulatory stocks.

Internal Audit Department : under the coordination of a Head of Department, this Department is responsible for implementing the internal control system of the Corporation; controlling and auditing the functioning of operational and administrative units; drafting and updating the Corporation risk map.

Legal Affairs Division (DAJ) : under the coordination of a Head of Division, this Division is responsible for managing legal and judicial affairs as well as the corporation pre-litigation and litigation affairs.

Communication and Translation Unit (Celcom) : headed by a Head of Unit, this unit is responsible for designing and implementing the Corporation communication strategy; protecting and enhancing the corporation image, translating documents and proofreading translated documents. . This Unit is also in charge of communication and cooperation with administrations.

Information Technology Unit (ICT): under the coordination of a Unit Head, this Unit is responsible for designing and implementing the Corporation  Information Technology  blueprint; managing the Corporation computer network;  maintenance of computer  network, tracking oil data   market on internet and promoting  information and communication technologies.



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