Created by Decree No. 74/458 of 10 May 1974 and adopted in the wake of the first oil shock, HPSF operates for several years as a "light structure". Its management bodies were then made of Management Committee enjoying extensive powers for HPSF management. HPSF was headed by a Director of price with the role of executing the decisions of the Committee. He is supported in its mission by a service:  Financial Commission responsible for the management control of the corporation. HPSF was then under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce.

On 31st December 1980, by order No. 43, MINEP/ SG/ SAC, the corporation is extended with the establishment of the accounting and documentation Bureau. In January 1988, Decree No. 88/150 sets up a Steering Committee. Also, to ensure an effective and efficient management of HPSF, new organs are planned to be set up.  A serious reform took place in 1998 with Decree No. 98/165 of 26 August 1998, reorganizing HPSF as a modern and autonomous institution whose operation obeys to public institutions classic rules of management. The organization was reorganized by decree N ° 2019/032 of 24 January 2019.

Also, a Management Board entrusted with traditional powers and Management headed by a General Manager assisted by a Deputy General Manager and an external auditor were set up, (the HPSF General Manager is now separate from the Director of price).

This reorganization is extended by the adoption by the Board of  an organizational chart which divides the Fund in two Departments, four Services, an Economic and Technical Unit, having  three  Assistant "Chargés d’Etudes" with rank and prerogatives of  Head of Department, two Executive assistants with rank and prerogatives of Service Head. A branch was also set up in Douala and is under the coordination of a Branch Head with rank and prerogatives of Service Head, he is assisted by two Offices, seven Offices and two administrative officers with rank and prerogatives of Head of Office.

On 12 December 2002, the HPSF Board of Directors met in its 6th extraordinary session under the Chairmanship of Louis Marie ABOGO NKONO. During this session, a new organization chart was adopted and restructured HPSF in four Departments, two "Chargé d’Etudes", eleven Services; two Executive Assistants and nineteen Offices. On 22 December 2005, the Board redevelops and adopts the organization chart which therefore comprises two "Chargés de missions", four Departments, one  Division, one "Chargé d’Etudes", ten Services, one  assistant "Chargé d’Etudes" , one Unit, two Executive  Assistants, sixteen Offices and a Board Secretary. On 13th December 2010, the Board met on its 16th extraordinary session during which its redevelops the organization chart as follows: Two "Charges de Missions", one "Chargé d’Etudes", five Departments. As major innovation, we have the establishment of an Internal Audit Department, one Division, two Units, twelve Services, two Executive Assistants, one Board Secretary. The current chart was adopted by the Board during the 18th Extraordinary Board session of 20 December 2012, and innovated with the creation of the Technical Advisor position, the set up of a Communication and Translation Unit and the establishment of a Health Care Service.

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